Imperial RP
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Crystal Starter Bundle
7.5 GBP
  • Permanent
  • - 2,500 Crystals
By purchasing this package you will gain a starting crystal amount of 2,500. This will allow you to purchase some items to get started with some items from the Crystal Shop, You can access this by pressing F6 Ingame. To find out other methods of earning Crystals you can go to

This package can only be purchased once (We do not allow you to mass-purchase crystals to attempt to make it fairer on other players, We will also be giving away this package time-to-time so keep an eye on our discord for further updates)
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VIP Rank
10 GBP
  • Permanent
  • - VIP Role In Discord
  • - VIP Forum Rank (At Request)
  • - [VIP] Tag Ingame
  • - 250,000 Credits Ingame
  • - 2x XP Booster Ingame
  • - 2x Weapon Levelling XP
  • - AT-ST Pilot
  • - AT-AT Pilot
  • - Bounty Hunter
  • - Imperial Gunner
  • - Imperial Hacker
  • - Jump Trooper
  • - Shadow Trooper
  • - Tank Trooper
  • - Massif
The VIP Package is the best way to support the server, you will get a role on discord and some perks in-game to help you on the server, By purchasing this you will gain access to several VIP jobs and access to a 2x XP Booster to unlock leveled jobs faster.
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Droid Package
  • Permanent
  • - R2 Astromech Droid
  • - RA7 Protocol Droid
  • - GNK Power Droid
  • - Viper Probe Droid
  • - MSE6 Mouse Droid
  • - 21B Surgical Droid
  • - KX Security Droid
  • - DT Sentry Droid
By purchasing this you will receive access to the droid jobs in the F4 menu, this is separate from VIP but it will come with a lot of fun perks.
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Custom Donation
Custom amount
  • Permanent
Help fund the development of the server by funding different addons or commissions to improve the server and provide more gameplay. By donating you will receive the Donator role on discord that will not be its own category but will show how much we appreciate your help. Thank You.